Monday, May 11, 2015

Now on Amazon App store and Google Play - ABC Farm Mazes app

Ken just got the ABC Farm Mazes app added to Amazon app store (for Kindle Fire and Kindle devices) and also to Google Play for android devices.

It is also available on the App Store for the iPhone and the iPad. The links and more information are below.

Come visit Fancy Farm! Meet Papa Sun and help Mr. Acorn and his farm animal friends Red Rooster, Brown Horse, Spotted Cow, Fluffy White Sheep, Grey Goat, and Pink Pig go on maze adventures. ABC Farm Mazes was created for the littlest learners, children ages 1-5, to help them learn the letters from A - Z, enjoy maze play, and experience an original narrated farm children's story. There are no in-app purchases to distract from the gameplay. Original kids' book style art by Ken Wright is incorporated in both the game as well as the pre-game pages leading the child into the adventure. Perfect for kids who love to have fun, love mazes, farms, and animals. For more about our games please visit us at

Amazon App Store (Kindle Fire):
 Google Play:

All images are copyright Ken Wright 2015 (except the app store button)

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